The Albums


Halo 1- Down in it (9 tracks 6 imported)
Halo 2- Pretty Hate Machine (10 tracks)
Halo 3- Head Like A Hole (10 tracks)
Halo 4- Sin (8 tracks 4 imported)
Halo 5- Broken (8 tracks)
Halo 6- Fixed (6 tracks)
Halo 7- March of The Pigs (5 tracks)
Halo 8- The Downward Spiral (14 tracks)
Halo 9- Closer (9 tracks)
Halo 10- Further Down The Spiral (11 tracks)
Halo 11- The Perfect Drug [versions] (5 tracks)
Halo 12- Closure (Disk 1= 8 tracks; Disk 2= 14 tracks)
Halo 13- The Day The World Went Away (6 tracks)
Halo 14- The Fragile (Disk 1= 12 tracks; Disk 2=11 tracks)
Halo 15- We're In This Togeather ( imported tracks)
Halo 16- Things Falling Apart (10 tracks)
Halo 17- And All That Could Have Been (16 live tracks; 9 still tracks)

Die Pop Die...^-^
NIN (Nine Inch Nails)


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Nin deserves there own page for being creativly different in their own genra of music. So here it is!

Facts about the Band Mostly Trent Reznor

First of all lets get something strait Trent Reznor IS Nine Inch Nails.
Name: Michael Trent Reznor
Date Of Birth: May 17, 1965
Hometown : Mercer, Pennsylvania U.S.A.
Hair Color : Dark brown, dyed jet black every six weeks
Height : About 5'6" or 5'7"

Eye Color : Hazel

Status : Single  (yea baby!)
Fav. Candy : (Creamy) Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
Education : 1 year at Allegheny College

Majors : Computer Engineering & Music
Tattoos: Absolutly none! (very Good)

He Hot! and He writes really deep lyrics as well





Ok for most of you people that really love Nin I find all this information from other sites so if i have info thats not true just let me know k?

Anyways, Trent has his own label that he himself is also on. And I was getting a lot (i mean a lot) of emails to put Manson on my site but I decided not to because im not all that big of fan of Im really sorry you Manson Fans. But back to Nin. Trent Reznor is the one to blame if you dont like Manson, He put him on Nothin Records and BANG!?! He became famouse.

A weird thing that I discovered not to long ago was that Trent Reznor Moved into the house where Sharon Tate was murrded!?! OMG. He Moved in around 1993 and he recorded The Downward Spiral in that very house. Wow! So that very Recored was recorded where The REAL Manson killed....creepy

And if you wanna listen to a really kool song that Trent Covered its called "88 lines about 44 women" ITs really kool!


I really like him~