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Rage Against The Machine


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RATM the only some what rap that I Love Love Love


And another one bites the dust!
RATM is no longer with hoo They made an album with chris cornale (dont know the spelling) but broke up again. The album might come out. They arnt sure yet.
I want Zack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rage Against the Machine
released: November 10, 1992
(Epic Associated Records)

  1. Bombtrack [4:05]
  2. Killing in the Name [5:14]
  3. Settle For Nothing [5:36]
  4. Take the Power Back [4:48]
  5. Bullet in the Head [5:09]
  6. Know Your Enemy [4:55]
  7. Wake Up [6:03]
  8. Fistful of Steel [5:31]
  9. Township Rebellion [5:42]
  10. Freedom [6:07]


Rage Against the Machine + Bonus Disc (AU)
released: 20th December 1995
(Epic Associated Records)

  1. Bombtrack [4:05]
  2. Killing in the Name [5:14]
  3. Settle For Nothing [5:36]
  4. Take the Power Back [4:48]
  5. Bullet in the Head [5:09]
  6. Know Your Enemy [4:55]
  7. Wake Up [6:03]
  8. Fistful of Steel [5:31]
  9. Township Rebellion [5:42]
  10. Freedom [6:07]

Bonus Disk

  1. Darkness [3:40]
  2. Year of the Boomerang [4:02]
  3. Freedom (Remix) [6:01]
  4. Take the Power Back (Live) [6.11]


Evil Empire
released: 16th April 1996
(Epic Associated Records)

  1. People of the Sun [2:30]
  2. Bulls on Parade [3:51]
  3. Vietnow [4:39]
  4. Revolver [5:30]
  5. Snakecharmer [3:55]
  6. Tire Me [3:00]
  7. Down Rodeo [5:20]
  8. Without a Face [3:36]
  9. Wind Below [5:50]
  10. Roll Right [4:22 ]
  11. Year of tha Boomerang [3:59]






Zack de la Rocha-vocals
Brad Wilk-drums
Timmy C.-bass

A socialist rock group signed to a behemoth capitalist corporation? It sounds like a contradiction, but for Rage Against the Machine, it just means they are fighting the devil from within. And their label, Epic Associated (owned by Sony), is making quite a bit of money off the quartet, so it isn't complaining, either.

Consisting of singer Zack de la Rocha, guitarist Tom Morello, bassist Timmy C. and drummer Brad Wilk, the L.A. band gave their first performance in 1991 in a friend's living room. Less than two years later, their Epic debut hit the streets. RATM's quick rise can be attributed, in part, to a 12-song cassette they made in 1992. On their own, they sold 5,000 copies. The group's compelling live shows also got the buzz going. While its blend of tough rap and hard-hitting rock wasn't new--bands have been combining the two since the mid-'80s--RATM did it better than most and added a serious political spin. Their music bristles with cries for revolution, and the guys put their money where their mouths are. The band has worked for causes such as Rock For Choice, the Leonard Peltier Defense Fund, United Farm Workers and the campaign for releasing death row inmate Mumia Abu-Jamal. The group's perennial theme of freeing the oppressed continued with their second and third albums, Evil Empire and The Battle Of Los Angeles, which also in part decry the U.S. penchant for imperialism. And all the net earnings from the group's recent live appearances, including a stadium tour supporting U2, have gone to a variety of causes.

So do RATM's fans hear the group's radical messages, or do they only hear the pulsating rhythms? Even though the blustering voices of right-wing fanatics continue to ring throughout the '90s, some rockers do hear Rage's call to arms. The rest may not think about it, but they're indirectly feeding the coffers for a number of the band's favorite causes. And ironically, they're also helping to feed Big Business at the same time. The success of this group has made for some strange bedfellows indeed.

This Biography was written by Janiss Garza

(This was not written by me cause i am too lazy! But it is funny that this writter has my same last name! lol




Live and Rare
released: 01 October 1996
(Epic Associated Records)

  1. Bullet in the Head (Live) [5:42]
  2. Settle for Nothing (Live) [4:57]
  3. Bombtrack (Live) [5:53]
  4. Take the Power Back (Live) [6:11]
  5. Freedom (Live) [5:58]
  6. Intro (Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos) (Live) [3:40]
  7. Zapatas Blood (Live) [3:47]
  8. Without a Face (Live) [4:04]
  9. Hadda be Playing on the Jukebox (Live) [8:02]
  10. Fuck Tha Police (Live) [4:05]
  11. Darkness [3:40]
  12. Clear the Lane [3:48]


The Battle of Los Angeles
released: October 25 1999
(Epic Associated Records)

  1. Testify [3:30]
  2. Guerilla Radio [3:26]
  3. Calm like a bomb [4:58]
  4. Mic Check [3:33]
  5. Sleep Now in the Fire [3:25]
  6. Born of a Broken Man [4:41]
  7. Born as Ghosts [3:22]
  8. Maria [3:48]
  9. Voice of the Voiceless [2:31]
  10. New Millenium Homes [3:41]
  11. Ashes in the Fall [4:36]
  12. War Within a Breath [3:38]


released: December 5 2000
(Epic Associated Records)

  1. Microphone Fiend [5:01]
  2. Pistol Grip Pump [3:18]
  3. Kick Out the Jams [3:11]
  4. Renegades of Funk [4:35]
  5. Beautiful World [2:35]
  6. I'm Housin' [4:56]
  7. In My Eyes [2:56]
  8. How I Could Just Kill A Man [4:04]
  9. The Ghost of Tom Joad [5:38]
  10. Down On the Street [3:39]
  11. Street Fighting Man [4:42]
  12. Maggie's Farm [6:54]

notes: A different RATM release in that all the tracks are covers of the groups favourite songs. There are four variations on the cover as some are green and black as well as blue and black with the colors inverted. the first pressing of Renegades contains two live Hidden tracks, 'How I Could Just Kill A Man' (feat Cypress Hill) and 'Kick Out the Jams'. There was also a limited edition pressing that contained two different Bonus tracks which were live versions of "No Shelter' and 'People of the Sun'. Also, this is not that interesting but on the Back cover of the Australian version the Hidden tracks are listed where as on the US version they are not.


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