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Ok I dont want you to email me but I have soon found out that you people out there dont really care if I dont want you to email me and treuly people I dont get why I put my email address right down there! I could care less what you people think because Im not going to read your loser emails!!!! 
madhatter060 - AIM SN
AoGetsuyoubi - other AIM SN
i dont use one more than the other just try both.
I probably will read your email because I have no life at all...Thos sick dirty apes....full controle of my life....and will sood take yours!!!!!!

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or insted just do that little thingy below what im saying right now.....right down there \/    LOOK !!!!

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Linx Linx Linx Linx

This is where I give out all the linx which I used for my here ya go!

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