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This page is about Static-x and koRn so have fun!


Wayne Static - (vocals/guitar/programming)
Wayne is the front man of Static-X. In addition to vocals he does back up guitars (and in the case of 'Machine' all the guitars and programming)
Birthday: November 4th
Kiss, Ministry, Prong, Pantera, The Prodigy, The Crystal Method, 80's Industrial, 90's Techno
Wayne on Effects "I don't use anything other than the Boss noise suppressor. On the record we did a couple trick things here and there. We used an MXR Phase 90 on a couple things, and we used an envelope filter on some songs. But I don't use anything live. "
Tony Campos (bass/backing vocals)
Birthday: ???
Death Metal
Ken Jay (drums)
Birthday: June 10th
Influences: ???
Tripp Eisen (guitar)
Tripp is the Lead Guitarist of Static-X. He used to play guitar for Dope.
Birthday: June 29th
Kiss, Rush, Prince, Overkill, Slayer, the Ramones, AC/DC, Cheap Trick, Metallica, Plasmatics, Manowar, Judas Priest, Korn, Prong, NIN and early Motley Crue
koRn (couldn't find much info. on them.)
Jonathan Davis : vocals, bagpipes
Fieldy : bass
David Silveria : drums, percussion
James "Munky" Shaffer : guitars
Brian "Head" Welch : guitars



News (Inforormation)


Static- x just resently has a track out for the movie Queen of the Damned (alliah) called "cold" and has a music video out that plays on MTV, MTV2, MMUSA.or any music channel.
The Queen Of The Damned track listings are:

1. Jonathan Davis/Richard Gibbs track featuring Wayne Static of Static-X - "Not Meant For Me"
2. Jonathan Davis/Richard Gibbs track featuring David Draiman of Disturbed "Forsaken"
3. Jonathan Davis/Richard Gibbs track featuring Chester Bennington of Linkin Park "System"
4. Deftones - "Change"
5. Jonathan Davis/Richard Gibbs track featuring Marilyn Manson - "Redeemer"
6. Papa Roach - "Dead Cell"
7. Godhead - "Penetrate"
8. Jonathan Davis/Richard Gibbs track featuring Jay Gordon of Orgy - "Slept So Long"
9. Disturbed - "Down With The Sickness"
10. Static-X - "Cold"
11. Earshot - "Headstrong"
12. Dry Cell - "Body Crumbles"
13.Tricky - "Excess"
14. Kidney Thieves - "Before I'm Dead"



Jonathan Davis, vocals of koRn, has also lent his voice to the soundtract of Queen of the Damned.  He is also doing something that he has been wanting to do for a very long time...Produce and be in a PORNO...yes thats right Jonathan Davis is going to star in a porno ..the fame has got to him!





CD's That They Have Put Out

Static-x & koRn

Static-x Discography

Wisconsin Death Trip

01. Push It
02. I'm With Stupid
03. Bled For Days
04. Love Dump
05. I Am
06. Otsegolation
07. Stem
08. Sweat of the Bud
09. Fix
10. Wisconsin Death Trip
11. The Trance is the Motion
12. December

The Crow: Salvation-14. Burning
Inside - Static X Featuring Burton C. Bell Of
Fear Factory
Scream 3-09. So Real

Idle Hands-07. Push It

Bride of Chucky-11. Bled For Days


koRn Discography



released: 16th November 1999
1. Dead 
2. Falling Away From Me
3. Trash
4. 4 U
5. Beg For Me
6. Make Me Bad
7. It's Gonna Go Away
8. Wake Up 
9. Am I Going Crazy?
10. Hey Daddy  
11. Somebody Someone
12. No Way
13. Let's Get This Party Started
14. I Wish You Could Be Me
15. Counting
16. Dirty

Follow The Leader
released: 18th August 1998
13. It's On
14. Freak On A Leash
15. Got The Life
16. Dead Bodies Everywhere
17. Children of the Korn
18. BBK
19. Pretty
20. All In The Family
21. Reclaim My Place
22. Justin
23. Seed
24. Cameltoesis
25. My Gift To You

Life is Peachy
released: 15th October 1996
1. Twist
2. Chi
3. Lost
4. Swallow
5. Porno Creep
6. Good God
7. Mr Rogers
8. K@#% !
9. No Place To Hide
10. Wicked
11. A.D.I.D.A.S.
12. Low Rider
13. Ass Itch
14. Kill You

released: 7th July 1994
1. Blind
2. Ball Tongue
3. Need To
4. Clown
5. Divine
6. Faget
7. Shoots and Ladders
8. Predictable
9. Fake
10. Lies
11. Helmet In The Bush
12. Daddy